Lawyer plans to depose Hastert after he’s out of prison

CHICAGO (AP) — A lawyer for a man sexually abused by Dennis Hastert says she plans to depose the former U.S. House speaker after he is released from federal custody.

Kristi Browne represents a former Yorkville High School athlete who is suing Hastert in connection with the hush money pact that led to the politician’s downfall. She appeared Wednesday with other lawyers connected to the case before Kendall County Circuit Judge Robert Pilmer.

Afterward, Browne said neither side has broached the subject of a possible settlement.

The now middle-aged married father argues he kept his end of the bargain to keep quiet about Hastert’s misconduct. As a result, he says he is due $3.5 million. Hastert paid him $1.7 million over four years.

The 75-year-old Hastert is scheduled for parole in August. He is serving a 15-month sentence for illegally structuring bank withdrawals in an attempt to avoid reporting requirements.



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