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3/16/17 – Mark Levin Audio Rewind

President Trump’s budget proposal is overall oustanding, however the one part of the bill you won’t hear discussed in the liberal media is the debt. The national debt is out of control, but the left-wing media doesn’t care. Instead they will act as the Praetorian guard of big government and viciously attack any attempt to reign in profligate, wasteful federal spending. This is unsustainable. After that, the media is putting out statements by Intelligence Committee members saying Obama didn’t order the wiretaps. The fact that these chairmen said what we already knew is of no consequence. Information was shared with the White House about the Trump campaign. What was the information? We have a right to know what police state tactics happened and now the media just wants us to move along. Later, there are people in this country who want to use power to destroy our liberty and they are succeeding. Conservatives are not dividing the country, the left is dividing the country. They want to use the iron fist. to impose their will. Those of us who push back shouldn’t be apologizing. We have to be smarter and more resolute. Finally, if you are below the poverty line, rather than expand Medicaid, people should get vouchers to buy their own private health insurance policies. This would help unleash these companies to create all kinds of policies, that don’t need the approval of government.