Weed Appreciation Day

According to Checkiday.com (and some other legit or not sources around the internet), Tuesday, March 28, 2017 is “Weed Appreciation Day.”

The International Business Times, however, is killing our buzz by reporting that today isn’t necessarily a day to celebrate marijuana-weed. Nope, they say it to honor “as any plant that isn’t valued where it’s growing,” as labeled by Merriam-Webster.

By that definition, it appears that we should be celebrating the dandelions that will be taking over our yards in a few months. Damned, dandelions!

So today we will celebrate crabgrass, ragweed (it’s coming to a nose near you), clover, ivy and all of the other weeds growing in our gardens.

In the meantime, as you wait for 4/20 to come in less than a month, enjoy some Stewie and Brian.