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3/31/17 – Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Bill Cunningham fills in for Mark Levin. Michael Flynn is about the best there is, a retired 3 star general who served his country. He was offered to be granted immunity to testify on what he knew of Russia. The only reason the FBI and the democrats are granting immunity is to try and get rid of President Trump. The media is forgetting to mention that there were at least 5 former aides of Hillary Clinton, including Hillary’s former chief of staff who were granted immunity. When this happened with Hillary it was nothing because the media wanted to elect Hillary over Trump. After that, the Democrats have to create mass distraction to keep your eyes off the fact that the Obama was conducting a criminal investigation of Trump. Obama staffers involved in leaks against Trump committed felonies against him and one of the victims of those felonies is Flynn. To add, didn’t James Comey in essence confirm that the Trump campaign was being surveilled? Comey said he opened the investigation in July of 2016. What was the core of this investigation? Comey’s mere confirmation of an investigation confirms the thrust of Trump’s tweet. Later, the things that caused us to vote for Trump had nothing to do with Russia but the fact that we had enough with Barack Obama’s policies and Hillary Clinton. We wanted to put someone in power to drain the swamp and not play the Washington game.