Rahm Whacks Trump, Rauner Over Immigrants

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO)  At City Hall Mayor Rahm Emanuel has blasted both the president and the governor as the city council was approving a new Municipal ID on a vote of 44 to 4.

The municipal ID will help the undocumented, among others, get access to various public services. Sounds like an ordinary administrative function, but Emanuel took the occasion in the city council to whack both Gov. Bruce Rauner and President Donald Trump.

“We have a governor right now in a state that at one time said we are going to be welcoming to immigrants and now is hostile,” Emanuel said. “We have a president that said he had a soft spot for Dreamers and all of a sudden now, you notice, we’re deporting our first Dreamer. This is our moral responsibility.”

Translation? The mayor’s not getting what he wants from either the president or the governor.

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