GOP Rep: President Trump Has To Be ‘Incredibly Careful In His Interactions With Foreign Leaders’

Republican Congressman Peter Roskam (IL-6) responded to the latest controversy surrounding President Donald Trump’s White House regarding the sharing of intel with Russia. Representative Roskam told Big John and Ray that Trump has to be more cautious.

“The president has got to be incredibly careful in how he’s interacting…on foreign affairs and his interactions with foreign leaders,” Roskam said. “The point is not whether he can disclose certain information. The point is should he disclose certain information.”

Roskam also hints that former FBI Director James Comey still remains a big distraction when it comes to the GOP’s agenda. “The remedy as it relates┬áto the Comey allegation is two things. Number one, subpoena the documents, get them up to Capital Hill, and number 2, subpoena Comey,” Roskam continued. “Those things have to be dealt with and they can’t be avoided. They can’t also crowd out really important work that we’ve got to be doing.”