Rauner: Stop the Tyranny

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO) Due to the state school funding impasse, Governor Bruce Rauner is promising to call another special session of the legislature.

High noon on Monday is when Rauner says he’ll put the legislature back in daily special sessions, unless the Democrats put their school funding bill on his desk.

“Speaker Madigan is clearly hoping that by sitting on the bill till the middle of August, maybe later, that the crisis, the pain, the chaos that he can inflict will cause bad policy. He’s done this to us for 35 years. He did it to us in May and June for the tax hike. He’s trying to do it to us for our schools and at some point we gotta stop the tyranny!”

In this case, Rauner says he wants to stop the tyranny be vetoing millions for Chicago teacher pensions. That would set up another override battle. Madigan beat him in the last one of those over the state budget.

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