Trump Supporter Claims ISIS Plot To Kill White, Black Women Says Hillary Clinton, MS-13 Also Involved

During President Trump’s rally in Phoenix last night, an African-American Trump supporter held up a sign that read “Blacks For Trump.” Michael Symonette, who calls himself “Michael the Black Man” spoke first with WLS-AM 890’s John Howell and Ray Stevens about his experience at the rally and controversial statements on his web site.
“I wasn’t placed [behind Trump], I put myself there,” Symonette said. “I’m glad I was there so I could get the message out, tell people what’s going on with Democrats and the Cherokee Indians that are absolutely destroying the black man and the white man of America.”
On his web site, a link leads to another site,¬†¬†which accuses the Cherokee Indians as the “real KKK slave masters.”
“Bill Clinton, he’s a Cherokee Indian, you probably already know that,” Symonette said. “Even John McCain himself is a full-blooded Cherokee Indian. The men that are blocking President Trump that are in the Republican and Democrat Senate and Congress are all Cherokees and they’re in unity.”
Symonette has also written on his web site that there is a plot between ISIS, the notorious gang MS-13 and Hillary Clinton to ” kill all black and white women of America.”
In the 1990’s Symonette, who has also gone by the names Maurice Woodside and Mikael Israel, was charged and later acquitted with conspiracy to commit murder.