Rauner defends himself from criticism on abortion issue

 (CHICAGO) Illinois Republican Governor Bruce Rauner is defending himself from criticism after he signed an abortion rights bill several weeks ago.    Rauner appeared on “The Big John and Ramblin’ Ray Show” on WLS, reacting to a POLITICO report that conservative Republican Congressman Peter Roskam of Wheaton,  is  rethinking his support for Rauner after the Governor signed HB40, a bill that expands public funding of abortion.

 Rauner told WLS,  “Well you know, reasonable people can reasonably disagree.  I’m pro-choice.  I respect those who are pro-life very passionately and I’ve supported many many pro-life people and candidates.  Reasonable people can reasonably disagree.  As Ronald Reagan said, we’re a big tent.  As Ronald Reagan said, we don’t speak ill of our fellow Republicans.”

 Roskam told POLITICO Rauner’s move to sign the bill was “fundamentally out of step” with his congressional district.

 The Democratic Congressional Campaign committee is targeting Roskam for defeat after Hillary Clinton won the district over Donald Trump in 2016.