Rauner describes Dem leadership as a “rats nest”

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO)  Governor Bruce Rauner has coined a new term – “rats nest” – to describe Speaker Madigan, billionaire canidate JB Pritzker and Cook County Assessor Joe Berios.

Rauner stood without a coat in 31 degree temperatures in a Wheeling homeowner’s backyard to call on Berrios to resign. He accused Berrios, Madigan and Pritzker of being in “a dirty, filthy” rats nest, a “cabal” making millions off of an inequitable property assessments.

“The system is rigged! It’s wrong!,” said the Governor, “They’re in collusion with each other. Madigan, Berrios, Pritzker, all the the rats nest of corruption together. They’ve gotta go and it should start with Joe Berrios resigning from office.”

The Berrios campaign called this a “blatant political stunt” by a governor who admitted last week he’s not in charge.

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