Rauner vetoes gun dealer licensing bill

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO)  One week before the primary, Governor Bruce Rauner has decided to veto the controversial gun dealer licensing bill.

Down in Southern Illinois on WJPF Radio, Rauner announced he’s decided to veto the gun dealer licensing bill for these reasons, “I’m gonna veto the bill. It’s just not right. It’s unnecessary burdensome regulations. It’s redundant on top of existing federal regulations. It’s crushin’ to our small business owners and creates bureaucracy that really doesn’t help keep our communities safer.”

In response, Mayor Emanuel says “The governor’s decision was cruel, it was cold and it was calculated to benefit his own politics at the expense of public safety. This veto is a slap in the face to crime victims, faith leaders and police who have pleaded with Governor Rauner to protect public safety by signing the Gun Dealer Licensing Act. This failure will be his legacy”


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