Rauner and Ives complain of meddling by national party organizations

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO) On this primary election eve, Governor Bruce Rauner and his Republican challenger State Representative Jeanne Ives have been sniping at each other.

Each candidate is complaining that national party organizations have been meddling in their primary.

Rauner is complaining about Democratic Governor’s Association ads, “They want Ives to the be nominee because they know they’ll crush her in November and they know they won’t beat me. I’m gonna beat Pritzker and Madigan in November. They’re scared of that and that’s why they’re trying to get primary voters to vote for Ives.”

Jeannie Ives claims Rauner’s doing much the same thing, “He has all his liberal friends – Personal PAC and NARAL – to House Republican folks who aren’t even in Republican primaries because they’re associated with Jeannie Ives. He’s the one who needs to explain his actions.”

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