Congressman challenger wants to raise gas tax to support infrastructure improvements

Taping “Connected to Chicago with Bill Cameron” for Sunday night at 7, Republican Congressman Peter Roskam’s Democratic challenger Sean Casten came out for a tax hike.
Everybody’s for better roads, bridges, mass transit and water systems, but almost no one who is or wants to be a congressman wants to raise the gas tax to pay for it; Sean Casten is the exception.
Casten said, “There are a whole host of reasons we should increase the gas tax, but yes, we should pass a gas tax increase because the cap on that has increasingly made it impossible to fund our roads. But I’m making separate point that if the only way to fund roads is thru the gas tax as presently constructed, then absolutely we should raise the gas tax.”
On impeaching Trump, Casten wants to wait and see what Mueller comes up with before taking a position