Civic Federations grades Rauner’s budget: “Incomplete”

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO) Governor Bruce Rauner’s state budget proposal is conspicuously failing to win the recommendation of the well-regarded Civic Federation.

Rauner’s budget proposal relies on 1.8 billion – that’s B for billion dollars – that are not likely to occur, according to the Civic Federation’s Laurence Msall who states, “If the state goes ahead and spends that $1.8 billion and get that savings, we’ll be adding to the already $7 billion in upaid bills.

Cameron: “Sounds like if this were a college accounting class, you’d have to give Rauner an F.”

Msall:  “Well, ya know, we grade on a curve because we need the government to move forward.”

Cameron: “So if you were grading on a curve, what would the grade be?”

Msall:  “An incomplete.”

The big danger is Rauner or Speaker Madigan really don’t want a budget so that one could blame the other in the election campaign.

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