City wants to evict Lower Wacker homeless encampment

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO) At City Hall, there’s another homeless controversy brewing.

Too much crime around a homeless encampment on Lower Wacker at Wabash say the police. So City Hall wants the homeless out by Monday so they can fence off a triangle of the area.

At the scene, Lewis Jones said the city gave him housing when he was evicted from a north side homeless encampment and the city should do the same for those in the triangle.

“The city is obligated to help us. All they have to do is what they did with us. It’s about human lives. They may not be as smart as most, or as clean as most, but they deserve the same chance as I got.”

City Hall says it’s been conducting homeless outreach for individuals in the Lower Wacker triangle and will continue working to help connect them with the resources they need.

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