Rauner says Madigan to blame for culture of sexual harrassment in Springfield

(CHICAGO) Gov. Rauner says it’s “the right thing to do” for Illinois St Rep. Nick Sauer to resign, but the governor blames Speaker Madigan for the culture of sexual harrassment.

What with sexual harassment allegations hitting both parties in Springfield, you might think the problem is bi-partisan, but Rauner blames Speaker Madigan not himself​.

“There’s no culture that I’ve created. Madigan and the legislature has created a culture of abuse. People all around him have had to resign because they have been caught. What’s clear is that Madigan has hidden accusations. He has pushed back against those who would come forward and his lieutenants have threatened individuals. He’s created a culture of harassment and hiding the harassment. That culture has to be brought out and exposed and those responsible should be removed from office.”

But Madigan says he’s acted quickly every time allegations against House Democrats have occurred.