Rahm on Trump: “The emperor has no clothes…he is pure id.”

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO) Taping “Connected to Chicago” for Sunday night at 7 on WLS-AM, Mayor Rahm Emanuel talked with Bill Cameron about who the next mayor might be and the palace intrigue at the White House.

Rahm says he’s told his big donors to hold back as sees Toni Preckwinkle, Bill Daley, Luis Gutierrez and Susanna Mendoza consider the race. \

Here’s what he told Bill Cameron what the big donors will be looking for, “People will bet on certainty and capacity. And if you don’t show that, they will also take a bet against it.”

And on the New York Times op-ed by the anonymous White House insider, the mayor says this, “Everybody is saying what everybody knows. The emperor has no clothes. He is not presidential. He is just one immature gathering and conglomeration of instincts and impulses which none of them he can control. He’s a pure id.”

Much more from the Mayor on Connected to Chicago, Sunday night at 7 on WLS-AM.

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