McDonald case spawns millennial challengers to entrenched aldermen

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO) At City Hall, the Laquan McDonald saga has spawned a group of millennial challengers to the city’s aldermen.

Millennials don’t vote in big numbers, but this movement aims to change that.

Among the challengers to the status quo is Jose Luis Torrez. He’s a teacher running against the City Council’s longest-serving and most powerful alderman Ed Burke.

Torrez says he’ll make Burke’s former property tax work for Donald Trump an issue, “Because the community got hurt. The community lost $14M. Those are services that did not go to the mental health clinics, potholes not being serviced. And that money, altho he is not representing him anymore, the damage has been done and you can’t just pretend to wipe away all the history you’ve done with Donald Trump.”

These millennials are activists, but it remains to be seen whether they can deliver a vote like the regular Democratic ward organizations.

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