Alderman debate if sweepstakes terminals are unlicensed casinos

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO)  Video gaming is illegal in Chicago, but look-alike sweepstakes terminals have been popping up in Chicago establishments and City Hall is getting involved.

Sweepstakes terminals sell you a coupon you can use to play a game for cash or prizes.  Some of the aldermen think they’re an unlicensed casino.

In the City Council License Committee, a sweepstakes software attorney Cory Aronovitz fenced with Ald Pat O’Connor about what this really is, “You have to start with the premise that this is not gambling. It’s just not. It may look like it, but under the law”

O’Connor interrupts: “So, assume that I cannot make that leap. Let’s say I think it’s gambling.”

But while O’Connor thinks it is gambling, he put off a vote on whether to ban them.

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