Lightfoot: ‘No question there was a cover-up.’

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News

(CHICAGO)   Taping Connected to Chicago for Sunday night at 7p, candidate for mayor Lori Lightfoot told Bill Cameron that acquittal of three cops in the cover-up case cries out for the need for accountability at the Criminal Court House.

Hard to understand the judges not guilty verdicts because there’s no question there was a cover-up, says Lightfoot.

She says there’s got to be some accountability.

“If there isn’t a level of accountability and they operate independently in this little club – many of them are former states attorneys, there will be no criminal justice reform in this county.

Cameron: So what should Chief Judge Tim Evans or somebody else do?

Lightfoot: I think he should shake-up the judges that are there!”

She also wants to shake-up city hall be eliminating the offices of city clerk and treasurer to save millions.

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