Episode 34 – Ski Getaways

Colleen & Catie’s Picks for Ski Getaways

Colleen – Wilmot Resort, Wisconsin and Keystone Resort, Colorado
• Wisconsin – Wilmot Resort – www.wilmotmountain.com www.vailresorts.com
o Offer lessons, have a variety of slopes, etc.
o About an an hour and a half from Chicago
• Colorado – Keystone Resort – www.keystoneresort.com
o Fly into Denver, rent a car and drive 2 hours (about 90 miles) to Keystone
o FREE in-resort transportation system
o Bus stops are located just a short walk from Keystone
Tip for Skiing/Planning a Ski Getaway?
• Bring everything (in terms of ski clothes, etc.) you can from home! Options for shopping are limited in these towns and can be super costly.
• The Inn of Geneva National at Geneva National Resort in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin – www.genevanationalresort.com/inns – Great for large groups!
• The Ridge Hotel & Resort in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin – www.ridgelakegeneva.com – Also within 25 minutes of Wilmot resort
• Keystone Resort, Colorado
• Walt’s Tavern at Wilmot Resort for lunch
• Hunt Club Steakhouse at Geneva National in Lake Geneva – www.huntclubsteakhouse.com – For the ultimate steak dinner!
Best time to ski here? How far in advance to book?
• Wilmot and Keystone make their own snow so anytime between November to end of March is usually a good time.
Money-saving tip:
• The Inns at Geneva National provide a kitchen and an outdoor grill, so for families or large groups this is a big money saving tip!

Catie – Steamboat Ski Resort, Colorado
• Colorado – Steamboat Ski Resort
o Steamboat Springs is located right near the Hayden Airport, and between 3 and 4 hours from Denver International Airport (DEN).
o Shuttle services available from Hayden Airport
o Strawberry Park Hot Springs is a must stop. They have hot springs and massages. Great place to relax after days of skiing. Located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.
Tip for Skiing/Planning a Ski Getaway?
• Book ski in and ski out ideally (Meaning you might have to walk to the chairlift to access the slopes, but then you can ski back to your hotel or condo).
• If you can’t do ski in ski out, make sure you are on a bus line
• Sheraton Steamboat Resort Villas are located at the base of the mountain and super easy to get in and out ski wise.
• Cimarron Townhomes is where we stayed. Close to resort and we could walk to the grocery store too! Cimarron consists of five-bedroom units with a loft and den.
• Winona’s- A homey restaurant with all-American fare, open every day. They also offer a delicious Reese’s Peanut Butter pie with Oreo cookie crumb crust.
Best time to ski here? How far in advance to book?
• March is great skiing but it’s crowded. We booked ours in January.
Money-saving tip:
• Don’t ski! Look for groupons or deals. It’s expensive. Eat in….we did that alot and saved money.

• Rachael Muhlenbeck – Marketing & PR Manager – Wilmot Mountain
www.wilmotmountain.com www.vailresorts.com

“What’s” with the “Trip Sisters”

What’s in Your Suitcase?
Mr. Steak Infrared Portable Grill – Available online and in-store at Bass Pro Shops – https://mrsteak.com/
• $229.99 for Mr. Steak 1-Burner Infrared Portable Grill
• $329.99 for Mr. Steak 2-Burner Infrared Portable Grill
Portable grill with infrared energy so food is cooked over 50% faster, for juicier, more tender meat.

NFL, light-up Bluetooth Ugly Christmas Sweater by Forever Collectibles
• $89.99 at www.foco.com
Compatible with both Android and Apple devices, this NFL sweater of your favorite team lights up and plays music right from your phone!

What’s on your phone?
Ski Tracks App – Available on Android and iOS: $0.99
Ski Tracks is a tracking and logging app that uses your phone’s GPS and other sensors to record your ski sessions, including maximum and average speed, total distance traveled and slope angle.

What’s the tip?
What to do if you get caught in an avalanche – From Travel + Leisure
1. Move to the Side – Once you see an avalanche heading your way, do not try to outrun it. The Clymb recommends immediately running perpendicular to its path to avoid getting caught up in the middle of it.
2. Grab Something Sturdy – If you find yourself in the path of one of an avalanche, try to grab onto a tree branch or sturdy rock to keep you steady and rooted to one spot.
3. Swim – To prevent getting buried under mounds of snow and debris, you’ll want to stay on top of the avalanche, swimming through the snow to stay on the surface, if possible.
4. Hold One Arm Up – You should also try to reach one arm up so that, if you do get buried, you can give your rescue team a literal hand in helping find you.
5. Create Room to Breathe – Most avalanche-related fatalities are caused by asphyxiation. If you’re caught in an avalanche, take your hands and cup them over your mouth while you’re still moving. This will create a small pocket of air for you to survive on for up to 30 minutes. You can also try to dig some space around your face to create breathing room.
6. Stay Calm – You might understandably have the urge to panic, but it’s of the utmost importance that you don’t. If you panic, your breath will quicken and you’ll fill what little space you have with too much carbon dioxide, thereby shortening that 30-minute survival window. Try to breathe as steadily as you can so the rescue team has as much time as possible to come find you.
7. Prepare ahead of time – The best thing you can do to survive an avalanche is to take certain precautions before you venture out into the snow. Check not just the weather forecast, but the local Avalanche Information Center website as well. Beware of blue-sky syndrome – People see blue skies and think it’s great weather go ski or snowboard. However, if a storm that just blew through, chances are fresh avalanches that are sitting there, waiting for a trigger. Do not forget to bring an avalanche beacon with you. These beacons work like radios: they transmit frequencies and can alert other beacon carriers to your exact location. Having a beacon could make all the difference between life and death as you wait for rescue.