Episode 36 – Family Getaways

Colleen & Catie’s Picks for Family Getaways

Destination: Saint Charles, Illinois – Nice downtown and riverwalk, plenty of restaurants and shopping. For entertainment, the Arcada Theater offers regular concerts and events.
Accommodations: Pheasant Run Resort – www.pheasantrun.com – Wonderful, family-friendly resort, located on 250 acres in Saint Charles.
Meal/Restaurant: Harvest Restaurant at Pheasant Run – https://www.pheasantrun.com/dining/harvest.aspx – Offering delicious steaks, farm-to-table, and gluten-free options.
Activities: Pheasant Run
• For Kids: Escape Room
• For Parents: Spa, Zanies Comedy Club
• Both: Pool, heated outdoor pool, hot tub, Mainstage Theater
Family Travel Tip: Pheasant Run offers free parking, vs. expensive downtown Chicago parking costs. It’s great for families in the winter because you don’t have to leave to have fun.

Destination: Clearwater, Florida
Accommodations: Sand Pearl on the beach
Meal/Restaurant: Bon Appetit Restaurant and Bar in Dunedin
Activity: Clearwater Marine Aquarium with the Dolphins and finding seashells on the beach
Family Travel Tip: Fly to Tampa its much cheaper and only 30 min from Clearwater.

“What’s” with the “Trip Sisters”

What’s in Your Suitcase?
Wellslock containers – 22 Piece set is $29.99 on www.wellslock.com
Wellslock storage containers have a lock-on lid for no spills. They are aksi freezer, fridge, microwave and dishwasher safe, BPA free and odor and stain resistant.

What’s on your phone?
Yuggler – $.99 – iOS/Android
Search nearby for family-friendly activities, events and attractions for every budget (including free!).

What’s the tip?
Tips for Navigating Airports with Kids (From Travel Channel)
1: In the days leading up to your trip, sit in the rear seat with your child as your partner drives around town during your family outings. This allows you to talk to your child about what it will be like on the airplane.
2: Have your child pick out a small backpack that fits them well gives them a sense of trip buy-in and importance. Help them fill it with things they like and need, like a water bottle or a small flashlight, or even a glowstick in case they are in the dark on the plane and need to feel safe.
3: Make a note of what your kids are wearing before arriving at the airport, and consider even taking a photo of them. Bold color schemes can help parents quickly locate their kids in the event they wander off.
4: Never pass up a restroom – When boarding or choosing your seats online, consider getting a seat close to the restrooms. If you have children in diapers, check beforehand to see which bathrooms have changing tables (they’re usually located in the front of the plane).
5: Carry ample cleaning wipes and hand sanitizer. Also carry children’s’ pain medication and ear drops in case air pressure becomes an issue. Another trick for dealing with air pressure pain: Ask the flight attendant for two cups filled with napkins or towels soaked in hot water and drained, then place the cups over your child’s ears. As the heat cools it creates a slight vacuum that helps equalize ear pressure.
6: Try a foldable garden or sports wagon instead of a stroller. These wagons stow secure and flat, and gate-checking them shouldn’t be a problem.
7: Use travel to introduce new responsibilities to your kids. Print two copies of their boarding passes, and give them a set to keep track of (keep the other handy just in case). Have them pack their small backpack with their things (with oversight) the day before the trip, and keep in mind any security restrictions (anything resembling a weapon, liquids, gels, etc.).
8: It should go without saying, but video devices should have earphones. Have two kids watching the same show? Get a headphone splitter so that they (or you) can both listen.
9: If you are traveling with children that have a different last name than yours, make sure to check well ahead of time for any supporting documentation you may need for domestic and international flights, such as copies of birth certificates (having a copy of your kid’s birth certificates is always a good idea when flying).
10: When going through security, children will never be separated from parents, but the quick procedure can still be unnerving. Prepare your child before arriving at the airport by explaining what will happen.
11: While liquids and gels in excess of 3.4 ounces per container are not permitted to pass through TSA security, an exception is made for baby formula, breast milk and ice packs when traveling with an infant. Notify a TSA agent that you’re carrying larger quantities of liquids, and have them easily accessible.
12: Many airports have play areas where kids can burn off energy, such as Chicago’s O’Hare and DFW. Take advantage of this time to get some of your child’s energy out before the flight.