Lightfoot presser crashed by Preckwinkle ally​

By Bill Cameron, WLS-AM News
(CHICAGO)  In the race for mayor,  one of Toni Preckwinkle’s allies crashed a Lori Lightfoot news conference.
Lightfoot was accusing State Representative Rob Martwick of trying to stifle reform by filing a bill in Springfield to make the Cook County Assessor an appointed position.
Martwick crashed the Lightfoot presser and the two of them got into a heated debate post presser.
Martwick: “This sort of Trump style where you’re trying to draw attention to yourself without assessing the facts of the situation shows exactly why you are wholly unprepared to be mayor of the city of Chicago.”
Lightfoot:  “You are Joe Berrios’ surragate.”
Martwick: “Old news.”
Lightfoot: “You filed this bill to profit yourself. Who benefits from a system that’s not changed?”
Martwick: “Oh, that’s ridiculous. This is beneath you.”
Lightfoot: “People like you are part of the broken political machine. Why would you not give Fritz Keigi an opportunity to ..”
Martwick: “I did. I called him.”
Lightfoot: “After you dropped the bill!”
And the optics of the white politician arguing with the diminutive black woman was also a factor.