Senator Says Learning from History is ‘a Waste of Time’

It turns out all that time spent in history class was a waste of time. At least that’s according to Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, who says trying to learn something by studying history is “ridiculous” because it happened “in the past.”

Hawley’s comments, which have sparked a firestorm of backlash, were in reference to Monday’s testimony by Watergate attorney John Dean before the House Judiciary Committee. As part of its investigation into the Mueller report, the committee was hoping to gain some insight from the key figure in the planned impeachment of President Richard Nixon.

Reacting to the scheduled testimony, Hawley called it a “ridiculous” waste of time, saying it would be better to ignore previous events rather than learn from them. “Talk about living in the past,” he said Monday. “The Democrats want to talk about Watergate? I mean this happened before I was born! This is a total waste of time. It’s a total waste of time.”