Stephanie Trussell (06/29/19) Co-Hosts: Carol Davis & Jan Shaw

Stephanie Trussell (06/29/19). Kicking off the Fourth of July week, Stephanie is joined in-studio with co-hosts Carol Davis and Jan Shaw. The first hour includes an interview with David Shestokas the author of “Creating the Declaration of Independence” detailing how Thomas Jefferson was reluctant to draft the declaration, and how many viewed his work as insignificant. The second hour the ladies are joined in-studio by James Marter who is taking on Laura Underwood for the Illinois 14th Congressional District, James discussed his policies and what to expect from his campaign. The last hour Joe Dibraccio calls in and details his new restaurant in Lisle, IL “Caffe Di Moda” and the plan to expand more business in downtown Lisle. Mark’s man on the street report includes a special guest you are not going to want to miss.