WH Administration Signs Executive Order on Kidney Care

The White House administration signed an executive order aimed at helping the more than 37 million Americans with kidney disease. This is the first executive order focusing on kidney care since 1970.

The executive order’s goal is to improve detection, diagnosis and treatment of kidney diseases and creating a public awareness campaign to reduce the number of end-stage renal patients by 25% by 2030. The second goal is to make kidney care more affordable and accessible for those with end-stage renal disease, including ways to have more in-home care.

The third goal of the executive order is to transform the payment models for kidney donors which includes covering lost wages and childcare for living donors. The administration hopes to double the number of living donors by 2030. There are currently nearly 100,000 American on the kidney transplant waiting list.

Source: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/donald-trump-kidneys-heart_n_5d26b56fe4b0583e482bd0f2