Chicago Lawmaker Encouraging Concealed Carry

By Nick Gale, WLS-AM 890 News

(CHICAGO) — After another violent weekend that saw eight people killed and at least 32 others wounded, one lawmaker is taking action by encouraging his constituents to arm themselves.

Bullets from a shooting that left a 22-year-old dead in the Austin Neighborhood on the West Side Sunday also found State Rep. La Shawn Ford’s (D-Chicago) car.

Bullets were also found down the block, lodged in a love seat in a nearby home in the 800 block of North LeClaire Ave.

Ford tells The Mancow Show on WLS-AM 890 that he is encouraging his residents to arm themselves against the violence.

“I think about it all the time,” Ford said of the shootings that plague his community. “That’s why I’m working with a concealed carry instructor and we’re going to go through the neighborhood and we’re going to encourage people to get their concealed carry license because it makes no sense for people not to have the protections that they need.”

The shooting remains under investigation.

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