Lori Lightfoot Leads Labor Law Legislation Leaf Turning – Connected to Chicago (07/28/19)

Bill Cameron sits down with President and CEO of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, Jack Lavin. They discuss the fair work week ordinance, and the importance of its implementation. Lavin shares what is next on the Chamber’s agenda, with issues including infrastructure, transportation, and pensions. He presents a new asset transfer idea, which could help fund pensions, and explains his position on the new $15 minimum wage. Bill also talks with Chicago Congressman, Dan Lipinski. Bill asks about Lipinski’s position on the two year budget bill, and the raising of the national debt.

On this week’s roundtable, Bill Cameron is joined by Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun Times, Ray Long of The Chicago Tribune, Greg Hinz of Crain’s, Fran Spielman of The Chicago Sun Times, and Heather Cherone, of The Daily Line. They discuss Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her role in the fair work week ordinance, as well as her “live mic” comments, and a verbal altercation she was involved in this week. They also discuss Alderman Ed Burke and the new issues he faces due to the Ethics Reform in Chicago.

This week’s Community Spotlight segment with John Dempsey is on Mayor Lightfoot’s plan to reform the way the city hands out fines for not paying parking tickets, or not having a city sticker.