Connected to Chicago with Bill Cameron (08-04-2019) Special Guest-Richard Boykin

Joining the show this week Richard Boykin. Boykin is a former Cook County Commissioner, and considering a run for State’s Attorney to replace Kim Foxx. John and Richard discuss crime in Chicago, The Jussie Smollett case, and defending the rights of crime victim families. Boykin criticizes Foxx, and explains how he might run for State’s Attorney.

In this week’s round table segment, John Dempsey is joined by Ray Long of The Chicago Tribune, Greg Hinz of Crain’s, Lynn Sweet and of the Chicago Sun-Times, and Heather Cherone, editor of The Daily Line. The discussion opens up with a recap of the Democratic Presidential Debate, Who looked like the strongest candidate? Did Biden’s blundering answers set him back at all? Can the Republicans take the House? The conversation shifts locally to the Obama Center, and where it will be built.

This week’s Community Spotlight is with Nick Gale. Gov. Pritzker has signed a law that prohibits employers from asking job applicants about their salary history.

The bill was sponsored by State Rep. Anna Moeller (D-Elgin) who says it is needed to stop the cycle of less pay for female employees that often begins with their first job.

The new law begins in 60 days.