Connected to Chicago (10-13-2019) Special Guest-Mayor Lightfoot

This week on Connected To Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot joins the show. Bill and Mayor Lightfoot discuss a multitude of topics from balancing the budget to the looming teacher’s strike. How are the Mayor’s ideas being perceived in Springfield? New ways to fix city violence, and make the streets safer. Pension reform comes up in the conversation, and we get the Mayor’s thoughts on that.

In this week’s round table segment, Bill is joined by Ray Long of The Chicago Tribune, Heather Cherone, editor of The Daily Line, Lynn Sweet and Fran Spielman of The Chicago Sun-Times. The discussion opens up with the looming teacher’s strike next week, and how the teacher’s are working with the mayor on a deal. Governor Pritzker looks to consolidate downstate pension programs to fix the state pension crisis, Lynn with an update from D.C. on the impeachment inquiry of President Trump

This week’s Community Spotlight is with Lauren Cohn. Lauren talks with Amy Davis from The Museum of Science and Industry about a new program that helps women get into Science career fields.