Heading To Utah? The Governor Wants You To Disclose Your Travel Plans

Heading to Utah? Regardless of how you enter the state, the governor now wants to know where you’re going.

Now in effect, the executive order forces all adults to register their travel plans upon arrival via a text messaged questionnaire.

The form asks for their full name, birthdate, address, contact phone numbers, email address, and a list of all places visited in the last two weeks, plus answers to their COVID-19 exposure status.

According to Carlos Braceras, executive director of the Department of Transportation, “This allows us the data to be able to manage those folks entering our state and to be able to control the virus,” while adding, “But we don’t plan on chasing people down who do not fill it out.”

Source: https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/09/politics/utah-coronavirus-travel-restriction/index.html