Florida Officials Don’t Want Louisiana Residents on their Beaches

After reopening the state’s beaches, Florida officials have made it clear they want everyone to enjoy the sand and surf this Memorial Day weekend — unless they’re from Louisiana, that is.

That’s according to Louisiana officials, who are telling residents to steer clear of the Panhandle State because Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has failed to lift a lift a restriction that requires visitors from Louisiana to self-quarantine for two weeks upon entering the state. Per DeSantis’ order, Louisiana residents caught frolicking on a Florida beach could face a fine of $500 or 60 days in jail.

Although DeSantis recently announced he would be lifting the quarantine requirement — which also affected visitors from New York and New Jersey — whether that’s happened yet is unclear.

Source: https://wwl.radio.com/articles/florida-discourages-louisiana-travelers-from-visiting-beach