Healing In Waukesha

By Nick Gale, 890 WLS News

(CHICAGO) — As the City of Waukesha continues to recover from that Christmas parade rampage last month, one Mother is sharing her story of what happened.

Katie Albright tells Ray Stevens on WLS AM-890 that she has been attending the annual Christmas Parade for as long as she can remember and has passed the tradition on to her children. Marissa, Mahaylah, Maddie and Mak were watching November 21 when police say Darrell Brooks ran over and rammed into people along the parade route. Marissa was grazed by the vehicle and as you can imagine the other kids are shook up.


“We’ve adopted out children from foster care so they’ve already had a little bit of trauma in their life and so we think, ‘oh great we’re going to go to this Christmas parade and I get to share all the things that I did when I was a kid with them,’ and you would never have expected something like this to happen,” Albright said.

In true Ray Stevens fashion, he’s calling on WLS listeners to let the Albright’s know that they care. In an effort to do some good in the hood, a P.O. Box has been set up to send Christmas cards and well wishes and Katie says if an abundance of stuff comes in, it will be donated to a local charity, Chosen that helps foster kids with clothing and basic needs.

P.O. Box 499
Waukesha WI, 53188

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