Episode 105: Garfield, Golden Girls, and Art Thieves

First up, Andrea chats with Academy Award nominee and writer of “The Garfield Movie” and “Finding Nemo,” the great David Reynolds! He shares his process of bringing our favorite grumpy cat to an entirely new generation. After that, a special conversation from the morning show with two actors bringing iconic sitcom stars to the stage. Vince Kelley as Blanche and Christopher Kamm as Sophia talk about “Golden Girls: The Laughs Continue” and the show that transcends generations. Plus, Howard Reich, retired – and well-decorated- Chicago Tribune Journalist, joins the show to discuss a new opera based on a fascinating story he reported. “Before It All Goes Dark” has everything: a suburban Vietnam veteran discovers he is the heir to an art collection…stolen by Nazis. It couldn’t be crazier if he had made it up! All of this, on an iconic episode of Show and Tell. 

Howard Reich tells a tale of an art theft so crazy, they had to make it into an opera. “Before It All Goes Dark” plays May 25 and 26 at the Studebaker Theatre. Visit www.chicagooperatheatre.org for details. 

Vince Kelley and Christopher Kamm make us laugh as two of the iconic Golden Girls in “Golden Girls: The Laughs Continue.” See it at the Broadway Playhouse from now through June 9. For tickets, visit www.broadwayinchicago.com

And special thanks to David Reynolds for joining the program. The Garfield Movie is out now in a theater near you!