Destination Retirement

About Kuhn Capital

Robert has been in the financial services industry in various capacities since 1997.  He is the founder and President of Kuhn Capital Partners, an Independent Registered Investment Advisor & Fiduciary.  He is a sought-after speaker, thinker, and investment mentor.

Robert and his team believe in quantitative investment management strategies rather than “buy and hold” or making gut-feel investment decisions.  They always strive to deliver exceptional returns for clients by utilizing mathematical and statistical methods offered by a select group of institutional asset managers.

Individuals deserve financial security across their lifetimes.  That means meeting expenses today, saving enough to live on throughout retirement, and being prepared for all of life’s moments in between.  Paying an investment advisor 1-3% annually to buy and hold during good and bad markets is not proactive, forward-thinking investment management.

Robert and Kuhn Capital Partners believe in the power of transparency to hold ourselves and others accountable for continuous progress on your goals and financial return objectives.