Attorney Spilbor to Newsmax: Merchan’s Jury Instructions Unconstitutional

Manhattan Judge Juan Merchan “lined his bird cage” with the U.S. Constitution with his instructions to the jury about the need to be unanimous in their verdict against former President Donald Trump, Jonna Spilbor, an attorney and Trump surrogate, told Newsmax on Thursday.

“[He said] you need to find that Donald Trump committed an underlying crime that would elevate these 34 charges to felonies,” Spilbor said on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America.” “Now, he also then told the jury, you don’t have to be unanimous when you figure out what that crime is. Two of you can decide. It was campaign finance, two of you can decide it was some sort of state election law violation.”

While instructing the jury, Merchan gave the three potential “unlawful means” they could apply to Trump’s charges of falsifying business records through a plan to hide stories that would hurt his election campaign in 2016, according to The Associated Press.

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