RNC’s Whatley to Newsmax: Trump Rising as Contrasts With Biden Made Clear

Michael Whatley, chair of the Republican National Committee, told Newsmax on Wednesday that fundraising for former President Donald Trump is rising, and he’s regaining the support of many mainstream Americans who left him in 2020 because of the contrasts people can draw from his administration and President Joe Biden’s.

“We have four years under President Trump to compare to four years under Joe Biden, and the American people understand that we had a very strong economy under President Trump,” Whatley told “Rob Schmitt Tonight.” “We had a very strong standing in the world. We had a very secure southern border. You look at where we are right now. Our standing in the world is extremely diminished.

“The world is a much more dangerous place. Ten million illegal immigrants that we know of have crossed our southern border. We don’t know who they are, where they are, or what they’re doing. And the economy is completely wrecked at this point in time. Inflation is hurting every American family. You have a real contrast in this election cycle.”

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