Sen. Marshall to Newsmax: Biden Has Brought in 400K Through Parole Program

President Joe Biden has brought in 400,000 migrants through his parole program from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, “not exactly places that we can go in and vet these folks,” said Sen. Roger Marshall, R-Kan.

“It’s not like you can go to Haiti and get an FBI report on these folks that they’re sending us, so Joe Biden has brought in 400,000 people already. He has a waiting list of 1.6 million people,” Marshall said Wednesday on Newsmax’s “National Report” while discussing legislation he introduced in March that would strip airlines of their gate access at one of the country’s top airports if they allow migrants onto their planes who have been verified using the controversial CBP One app.

They are “going to do it over the next year as well, sending them to a city near you,”  Marshall said. “So, what we’re doing is saying, ‘Look, if you you’re an airline, and you’re allowing them to use this CBP One app as a form of identification to get on an airline and endanger Americans, then we’re not going to let you fly into D.C.’ Congress has the authority to determine who flies in and out of Washington, D.C.”

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