Not Free America


About The Show

Our country is ever-changing. It is critical that the members of our country have a media outlet that is dedicated to bringing you the issues that truly impact our communities. Our discussions are not desensitized. This is because life is not easy to process. However, we are dedicated to telling you the truth and helping you prepare to make sure that OUR country will be as strong as we once were. We are in charge of changing our future. “Do you want to live in a free America or a NOT FREE AMERICA?”

Host Mike Donovan is the CEO of Nexus Services, which funds the largest national civil rights firm dedicated to prison and civil rights litigation in America and is the pastor of the First Christian Church Universalist in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

After serving seven months in the county jail, Donovan put himself through Western Governors University and studied at the Charlotte School of Law prior to becoming a successful entrepreneur.”