Stephanie Trussell


3 - 6pm

Stephanie Trussell is WLS-AM 890's first "Next Talk Star" winner

A proud loud Christian conservative and Chicago native. Raised on the west side by a single mom who sacrificed to send her children to private schools, Disney World and dance lessons on Michigan Avenue. Stephanie attended an all-girl high school in Marquette Park while working at McDonald’s in Maywood.

Born a Democrat and voted accordingly until 1993 when her husband purchased a used car with an AM only radio. Before he could replace it, they were both hooked on WLS-AM 890. A 1994 decision to move to DuPage County for better quality schools sealed the deal, they soon became Republicans. In 2009 she eagerly jumped on the TEA Party train.

Since joining WLS in 2012 she has worked hard to advance the message: “Being a Conservative is Common Sense”. Her passion is debating Democrats, liberals and progressives. She regular invites guests with opposing views to co-host her show. Her dream is to be a fill-in host for Rush and Mark Levin one day.

She’s a wife, mother of 5 (ages 32-12 years old), in-law to 2 and a grandmother. When she’s not bashing Chicago Public Schools for failing to educate children, she enjoys cheering at her children’s events, crafting and running.