Streaming Troubleshooting

Please enjoy our new, more robust streaming player.

While just about everyone will begin to enjoy this upgrade right away, some may experience difficulty.

These difficulties are primarily with customers using older editions of Windows (like XP) or Internet Explorer (prior to IE 8).

There are no issues with Firefox or Chrome.

We understand that you may be perfectly happy with your current operating system and browser and do not want to upgrade.

We also know that there are many who listen to us at work, but their employer doesn't allow them or give them the rights to upgrade or download new software.

You can still listen live to 89 WLS.

You can listen on your smartphone or tablet. Just download the free 89 WLS App here.

We hope this is helpful and you will continue to enjoy the live stream of 89 WLS.

If you are having difficulty, please email our technical team.

Helpful links:
IE 10
89 WLS App
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