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Steve Dahl

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Broadcasting Legend and Podcasting Pioneer, Steve Dahl has been entertaining listeners for over 40 years. His daily show has always featured his signature "everyman" sense of humor and his passion for music, sports and entertainment. Although he was born in Southern California, Steve is as Chicago as they come and embraces the city and its people as his own. A staple of Chicago radio for over 30 years, Steve spent the first 5 years of the 1980's with WLS.

After decades on air, Steve started the Steve Dahl Network in August 2011 from his home in the Western suburbs of Chicago. The Network offers 11 unique weekly shows via a subscription-based podcast. Called the "Founder of Modern FM Talk Radio", Steve's career has influenced countless other comedians and broadcasters. Steve has always looked to the future and been the first to adopt new ideas and technology.

Turning 60 this November casts a new era of Steve Dahl on air: banter with Steve's editor-in-chief and wife of 36 years Janet Dahl, checking in with the 3 grown Dahl boys navigating fatherhood and the joy of being a grandparent to 4 grandchildren. Steve will continue to break fresh ground with his mix of radio and podcasting as he embarks on this new venture with WLS.

Dag Juhlin


Dag Juhlin has been listening to Steve Dahl ever since Steve arrived in Chicago. A fervent fan, Dag figured the best way to make sure he’d never miss a show was to join Steve on the air. A fixture in Chicago’s music scene for more than 30 years, Dag’s musical credits include Sunshine Boys, Poi Dog Pondering, Expo’76 and The Slugs. Based out of Woodstock, Illinois, Dag drives 6,235 miles a day and sleeps for approximately 1.5 hours a night.

Brendan Greeley


Longtime Steve Dahl protege beginning with 2001 internship, which led to opportunities at multiple radio stations as a producer, news writer, editor and on-air personality. Avid podcaster as part of the Dahlcast as well as Matt & Brendan.

Personal details: Brendan lives in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood with his dog, Hank. He enjoys cheering on his beloved Bulls, re-watching “The Office” on Netflix and seeking out the best turkey sandwiches the city has to offer.