The Way Home with Laura Smith

SUNDAYS, 9-10pm

About The Show

The Way Home With Laura Smith is the new Sunday evening show on 890 WLS. Laura hosts experts, authors and luminaries, both local and global, with fresh advice, meaningful conversation and information to help live a happier, more successful, positive life.

Laura Smith has been a trusted voice in radio for 25 years, hosting popular programs such as Living Better, The Saturday Cafe and Above and Beyond on legendary WABC Radio in New York City and SiriusXM, both where she was also the Program Director and Assistant PD. She was a DJ on flagship stations WEBE 108 in Connecticut and 106.7 LITE FM in New York. She is currently hosting The Way Home with Laura Smith on 890 WLS; where incidentally, Laura discovered radio as a teenager. Laura´s warm and engaging persona is coupled with her program’s goal of uplifting, inspiring and informing while entertaining. In addition to radio, Laura is a veteran voice over artist, a writer and mom to voice actor Hannah Smith. Laura grew up in Northern Indiana, Brazil and Australia and then spent decades in New York. She is very happy to be back in the Midwest near her family. Laura has a penchant for helping people realize their dreams and goals and find their true passions. She consults, coaches and mentors many with her own life’s experiences and gift of intuition and was an Adjunct Professor at Adelphi University’s acclaimed Theatre Conservatory Program in New York, which was also her Alma Mater. Laura is thrilled to be on legendary WLS, where her love for Radio all began!

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