Weekend weather to surpass average January high temperature

(Chicago)  After an abnormally cold first half of the month, the weather will warm up this weekend and surpass typical January temperatures.

The high temperature will likely reach 30 degrees on Friday, according to the weather service. On Saturday, temperatures will heat up to about 40 degrees–almost 20 degrees warmer than the average high this month, National Weather Service meteorologist Jamie Enderlen said. But expect gusty, southwesterly winds blowing about 30 mph throughout the day.

“There’s always a price to pay,” Enderlen said.

The average high for the month of January is typically 31 degrees, with an average low of 16.5, Enderlen said. So far this month, the average high has hit 22 degrees, and the low has been about 6 degrees, Enderlen said.

The highest temperature recorded so far this month was 34 degrees on Jan. 2 and Jan. 3, Enderlen said.

Sunday will keep the warm streak going with a high in the mid-30s, Enderlen said. Temperatures could drop down to 22 degrees at night, ending what may be a pleasant and partly sunny weekend.

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