Paying for the Need for Speed

By Bill Cameron, WLS News

There’s a new idea to help move traffic faster on the expressways.

How would feel about paying a toll to use a faster lane on a freeway like the Stevenson or Eisenhower?

At the City Club, Illinois Tollway Chairman Bob Schillerstrom was talking up the idea.

“From everything we can hear people are very supportive of these.  If you wanted to come down here like I did today on the Eisenhower and you didn’t want to be late it would have been a very good investment for me to have a managed lane and also made me a little bit less worried about getting here in a timely fashion,” said Schillerstrom.  “So, managed lanes are on the very, you know, top of our list and you know hopefully, we can have some for you to try, on the Stevenson, in the near future.”

But there are bureaucratic roadblocks to clear, like the feds not wanting to let states start charging for the freeways they mostly paid for.

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