Big John Howell Show Notes 5-13-16

The Southwest Airlines pilots union is mad at the city of Chicago for banning a sign aimed at shareholders. The city doesn’t like the idea of “controversial” signs going up. People could get upset if they have to look at such signs for hours during delays, and the signs could also be misinterpreted as an endorsement on the part of the city. The union on the other hand claims the ban violates their free speech rights.

White Sox home TV play-by-play voice Jason Benetti joined John to talk about the Sox hot start in his first season behind the microphone. (Listen here)

Both Donald Trump and Paul Ryan said they are encouraged after their meeting on Thursday. Ryan said they recognize that they have differences but they also have areas of common ground. Matt Lewis is a Senior Contributor for, CNN Commentator & author of the new book Too Dumb to Fail: How the GOP Betrayed the Reagan Revolution to Win Elections.” He joined John with reaction to the “Spray Tan Summit.” (Listen here)

After weeks of silence, ousted Principal Troy LaRaviere is speaking out against Chicago Public Schools and his removal from Blaine Elementary School. He says the Emanuel administration is “inherently corrupt, and corruption breeds incompetence.” Troy LaRaviere joined John to share his side of the story. (Listen here)

A family in Des Plaines ended up getting scammed out of $4,000 through a vacation booking site. HomeAway is a new website that’s a little like Airbnb, where people rent spaces for short stays directly from the owners. The family wired the owners of a property in Florida $4,000 for their vacation, and then they just disappeared. The website says that sort of thing happens from time to time, but it’s “rare.” They also usually offer scammed customers $1,000 to keep their mouth shut, but this family didn’t take the deal. Ator Valkov joined John to share her family’s experience. (Listen here)

Chicago homeowners who leave dog waste on their property could get fined as much as $500. Currently it’s illegal to leave your pet’s contributions to city pride out in public areas, but this would make it illegal to do so on your own property.

Donald Trump’s former butler posted on Facebook calling for President Obama to be assassinated. Trump has come out and denounced the comments. As you might imagine, the Secret Service is investigating.

A South Carolina man refused to cut a customers hair because he’s black… then he decided it was a good idea to pull a gun on him. The barber said he felt threatened by the man.

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