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Community support needed for fallen firefighter’s family

Comedian & member of the Four Fathers Tim Benker joins the Steve Cochran Show to talk about a GoFundMe campaign aimed at supporting the funeral expenses for the beloved husband, father of five, and local firefighter hero, Jack Brylewski. The goal is also to ensure that Jack’s children have the necessary resources as they face life without their father.


Why has the Federal Reserve halted interest rate hikes?

Team Hochberg’s David Hochberg joins the Steve Cochran Show to discuss why the Federal Reserve has halted interest rate hikes, where you can find your property taxes online, and why RE/MAX should not have agreed to pay $55 million to settle two class-action lawsuits.

‘Mayor Brandon Johnson’s ‘Bring Chicago Home’ resolution is a tax increase in search of a program.’ – Paul Vallas on the Steve Cochran Show

Former mayoral candidate Paul Vallas joins the Steve Cochran Show to discuss how Mayor Brandon Johnson’s “Bring Chicago Home” proposal will penalize businesses, transforming abandoned buildings into affordable housing, and he shares why he believes the proposal is a tax increase in search of a program.

Cash bail eliminated: How have changes been implemented?

DuPage Co. State’s Attorney Bob Berlin joins the Steve Cochran Show to discuss what changes have been implemented since cash bail has been eliminated, the eligible individuals for no cash bail, and why the DGTRO Reagan Day Dinner 2023 is the ideal event for the public to have their questions addressed.

UAW Strike: What do the United Auto Workers want?

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign School of Labor & Employment Relations & College of Law Michael LeRoy joins the Steve Cochran Show to discuss whether the UAW has a strategy, if strikers are prepared to strike for a long period, and the ability of UAW officers to determine the perfect moment to settle.

‘The entire building is built around inspiration.’ – Pastor Corey Brooks on the Steve Cochran Show

Founder of Project H.O.O.D. Pastor Corey Brooks joins the Steve Cochran Show to discuss the groundbreaking ceremony for the Robert R. McCormick Leadership and Economic Opportunity Center, what a typical day at the center will look like, and opportunities for individuals interested in becoming mentors at the opportunity center.

Supercharge Your Immunity: What to do when over-the-counter cold medicines fall short

Chief Medical Officer at Northwestern Medicine Central DuPage Hospital Dr. Kevin Most joins the Steve Cochran Show to discuss the importance of getting your annual COVID-19 shot, if over-the-counter cold medicines are ineffective, and he shares how an abscessed tooth affects your whole body. 

Dr. Kevin Most’s Steve Cochran Show Notes:

Covid Vaccine annual shot now available

  • Fully approved by FDA and CDC last week
  • Approved for those over the age of 6 months
  • This vaccine was built to target the XBB strain we saw in the spring, and is the offshoot of the current strains EG 5 and  BA 2.86
  • The vaccine will again protect you from severe illness and hospitalizations, and will minimize symptoms in those who get Covid
  • Concern is vaccine apathy, as only 1 in 6 got the last booster, and with decreased tracking cases are being discussed anecdotally versus actual rates as we have stopped tracking closely.
  • Many feel their natural immunity as well as previous vaccinations will continue to protect them
  • When to get vaccinated – now or soon unless you have had a recent infection, in which case you can wait 3 months, or got the bivalent vaccine in the last 2 months
  • Getting the flu vaccine and the Covid vaccine at the same time is fine, and getting them in both arms has been shown to increase immunity
  • Officials in Florida are telling people under 65  to not get the Covid vaccine, political ignorance may actually impact the health of those in Florida and those who travel to Florida
  • Some pediatricians are on the fence for the vaccine with young healthy children, as most children do quite well with the current Covid infections

Decongestant found in many oral cold meds is ineffective per FDA

  • Phenylephrine is found in almost all OTC cold medications, over 250 products
  • Recent review of studies  by the FDA showed that this medication is not actually effective in treating congestion
  • FDA Advisory committee voted 16- 0 , that the drug does not work as advertised for oral medications
  • It has been studied to show that when taken orally only a very small portion of the medication is actually absorbed
  • FDA may prompt that all of these oral medications be pulled now that they have shown it is ineffective
  • If pulled, this will be very disruptive thru cold season as the companies then determine next steps for reformulation, and patients may be left with few options
  • There have been studies since 2007 showing phenylephrine is no better than placebo when looking at decongesting
  • These products are worth close to $2 billion dollars in sales each year
  • This medication became popular in 2006, when the FDA removed pseudoephedrine from direct OTC, to a point where you need to ask the pharmacist and your purchase is logged
  • Drug companies then switched from pseudoephedrine to phenylephrine for the direct OTC products
  • Studies for the effectiveness for phenylephrine were done by the drug manufacturers, not based on peer reviewed clinical trials
  • This change occurred because drug dealers were using, the then OTC pseudoephedrine , to make methamphetamine
  • Some medications that Phenylephrine is found in- Sudafed Sinus Congestion, Tylenol Cold and Flu, Nyquil cold and flu and many others
  • Phenylephrine has been shown to be effective in a nasal spray form

Five Americans freed in prisoner swap with Iran have landed safely on American soil

Five American citizens have been freed as part of a deal between the U.S. and Iran were flown out of the country. ABC News State Dept Correspondent Shannon Crawford joins the Steve Cochran Show to discuss the trade terms, prospects for trust-building between the U.S. and Iran, and she provides insight into the journey ahead for these five Americans after enduring years as prisoners of war.

Don’t miss the Blue Man Group’s sensory-friendly performance in Chicago this Sunday!

Blue Man Group’s Callum Grant joins the Steve Cochran Show to discuss the Blue Man Group’s annual sensory-friendly performance in Chicago on Sunday, what it takes to become a Blue Man, and Callum’s upcoming show, ‘Broken Planet,’ set for September 26th & 27th.

Don’t miss out! You can snag tickets to Callum’s show, ‘Broken Planet,’ at https://brokenplanetshow.com/

Mexican Independence Day Chicago: Street closures possible if celebrations get out of hand downtown

Mexican Independence Day regularly draws thousands of revelers into the streets of Chicago, but city officials said they are prepared to limit access to downtown if needed to avoid chaotic gridlock.

In recent years the downtown gridlock has become as regularly a part of the celebrations as dancing, food and music. The party goes on for hours with police unable to direct traffic.

Last year a caravan of revelers brought downtown to a standstill, shooting off fireworks and line dancing in the street. Police said the two night party was marred by gunfire, and many couldn’t get home, get to work or get help.

“We actually had a resident who’d gone into labor during the festivities, and she had a substantial amount of difficulty getting to Northwestern,” said James Wales of South Loop Neighbors.

South Loop Neighbors held a meeting with Chicago police two weeks ago about plans to limit traffic if celebrations got out of hand.

“Yesterday they distributed the twelve different access points that, if that plan goes into effect, there’ll be twelve points where people will be able to come in and out if they live here,” Wales said.

The Office of Emergency Management and Communications said for now there are no planned street closures, but as in the past for busy weekends, equipment will be in place if closures are needed.

Illinois State Police and Chicago police are prepared to close downtown expressway entrances and restrict access to the area bordered by Division Street, DuSable Lake Shore Drive, 18th Street and Halsted.

There will be multiple access points on those streets for residents, workers and others to enter the central business district.

Chicago’s Timeless Treasures: Landmarks Illinois reminds everyone why historic buildings are vital to Chicago

President and CEO of Landmarks Illinois Bonnie McCormick joins Rob Johnson on the Big 89 to discuss how Landmarks Illinois has made waves by preserving a whopping 24,000 buildings,  the crucial role historic structures play in shaping Chicago’s identity, and the winners of the 2023 Landmarks Illinois Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Preservation Awards.