The Alley Chicago Closes after 40 Years

By Jen DeSalvo, WLS-AM News 

(CHICAGO) The store had defined itself as “an infamous landmark destination for generations of counter-culture.” In late 2015, the “landmark” announced that it was shutting down due to immense changing in the area landscape.

The store lived off the cross streets of Clark and Belmont in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood since 1971. The store’s website claims that, “no other independently owned rock n’ roll shop has ever achieved the notoriety, success and longevity that he has achieved.”

The store closed in 2016 at the end of January, but it had one last hurrah before they closed the doors to their brick and mortar location.

On January 6, 2016, the Alley Chicago threw a funeral party.

The Alley Chicago lives online now at

What lives there now? Apartments that are extremely high-priced for the neighborhood.

clark and belmont high priced apartments