Adopt a Valentine at PAWS Chicago

paws-vdayPAWS Chicago wants to help you find the love of your life this Valentine’s Day weekend. Stop by the PAWS Chicago Lincoln Park Adoption Center next weekend, February 11 and 12, to adopt your new best friend.

PAWS Chicago is offering two adoption incentives this weekend. Fall in love with a bonded pair and receive a 50 percent discount on your adoption fee! Meet animals like bonded cats Garfield and Alberto who were recently given up by their owner who could no longer care for them and are longing for a home together so they can remain best friends.

PAWS Chicago is committed to providing the ideal home for every animal that walks through its doors. Bonded animals might have lived together in a previous home or developed a special connection while rooming together in their suites at PAWS Chicago. Having a bonded pair of cats provides extra benefits like having a companion to play with while you’re way, and best of all you’re helping to save the lives of two pets instead of one!

The special adoption event is also designed to find homes for larger dogs, who often get overlooked in a city environment because of their size. Dogs who weigh over 50 pounds will have a reduced adoption fee of just $50.

Every dog has their own individual personality, regardless of size, and PAWS Chicago’s passionate volunteers will be on hand to help you find the perfect pet!


calle-jasmine-vday-2Adopt Bonded Pair Jasmine & Calle

These two sweet 15-year-old seniors have been waiting for OVER A YEAR at PAWS Chicago to be adopted and we just don’t know why! Calle and Jasmine can be a little timid at first, but once these girls settle in and trust you, they really come out of their shells! They have bonded significantly with a few staff members at PAWS and have shown us they enjoy playing with wand toys, sitting on laps, and getting treats. Calle and Jasmine are low maintenance friends and are content with just hanging around. They love the quiet life and would prefer a home with patient adults where they can be the only pets. They just need someone to take a chance on them and let them adjust at their own pace.

Big Dogs Mean Move to Love!eugene-love

Eugene’s middle name is “life of the party.” It’s just in his hilarious nature. No smile is left uncracked with this one-year-old Labrador/Husky mix around. He’s a very active dog who particularly enjoys playing ball and going on runs. He also likes showing off his smarts in training—and it’s been pretty impressive. He would love to find a home where he can continue with that training and impress his new owners! Sure, Eugene has some things to work on, including his drive to chase cats and his less-than-stellar behavior around other dogs. So his best fit will be with an experienced owner in an active, pet-free home with kids 15+. If you’re ready to laugh, come meet this party animal.