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Trip Sisters Episode 20 (10-13-18) New York

Sisters Colleen Kelly and Catie Keogh talk tips and trends on all things travel. Travelers say new budget airline left them stranded after selling flights that didn’t exist. Dogs now have their own Instagram pop-up because humans can’t have all the fun. Hear some of Colleen and Catie favorite things to do in New York.

PAWS Pet of the week: Sherlock!

Photo shot by Bill Kaminsky
PAWS Med Ctr 4/7/18



Sherlock is a friendly and playful 1-year-old Australian Cattle Dog mix. He has larger than life ears and gorgeous markings. Sherlock has boundless energy and loves to play, especially long games of fetch. Due to his active breed, he would love to find a family with time to exercise and train him.  Going for walks or long runs are his favorite!  When Sherlock first arrived at the PAWS Chicago Medical Center in April, he was diagnosed with heartworm and spent time in a foster home until he healed.  His foster family says he is very loving and worked with him on some obedience commands.  Sherlock would prefer to be the only dog in the home as he loves to soak up all the attention!  He is very intelligent and eager to please.  Sherlock is a darling boy who is sure to make a wonderful companion to a very lucky adopter.

Sherlock, along with many other adorable dogs and cats, will be available for adoption today at noon at the PAWS Chicago Lincoln Park Adoption Center, located at 1997 N. Clybourn Avenue in Chicago.

**Find your new best friend this Saturday, June 30 at PAWS Chicago’s Summer Lovin’ adoption event! PAWS Chicago is WAIVING adoption fees for adult dogs and cats at both adoption centers in Lincoln Park and Highland Park! Visit pawschicago.org for more information

Adopt a Valentine at PAWS Chicago

paws-vdayPAWS Chicago wants to help you find the love of your life this Valentine’s Day weekend. Stop by the PAWS Chicago Lincoln Park Adoption Center next weekend, February 11 and 12, to adopt your new best friend.

PAWS Chicago is offering two adoption incentives this weekend. Fall in love with a bonded pair and receive a 50 percent discount on your adoption fee! Meet animals like bonded cats Garfield and Alberto who were recently given up by their owner who could no longer care for them and are longing for a home together so they can remain best friends.

PAWS Chicago is committed to providing the ideal home for every animal that walks through its doors. Bonded animals might have lived together in a previous home or developed a special connection while rooming together in their suites at PAWS Chicago. Having a bonded pair of cats provides extra benefits like having a companion to play with while you’re way, and best of all you’re helping to save the lives of two pets instead of one!

The special adoption event is also designed to find homes for larger dogs, who often get overlooked in a city environment because of their size. Dogs who weigh over 50 pounds will have a reduced adoption fee of just $50.

Every dog has their own individual personality, regardless of size, and PAWS Chicago’s passionate volunteers will be on hand to help you find the perfect pet!


calle-jasmine-vday-2Adopt Bonded Pair Jasmine & Calle

These two sweet 15-year-old seniors have been waiting for OVER A YEAR at PAWS Chicago to be adopted and we just don’t know why! Calle and Jasmine can be a little timid at first, but once these girls settle in and trust you, they really come out of their shells! They have bonded significantly with a few staff members at PAWS and have shown us they enjoy playing with wand toys, sitting on laps, and getting treats. Calle and Jasmine are low maintenance friends and are content with just hanging around. They love the quiet life and would prefer a home with patient adults where they can be the only pets. They just need someone to take a chance on them and let them adjust at their own pace.

Big Dogs Mean Move to Love!eugene-love

Eugene’s middle name is “life of the party.” It’s just in his hilarious nature. No smile is left uncracked with this one-year-old Labrador/Husky mix around. He’s a very active dog who particularly enjoys playing ball and going on runs. He also likes showing off his smarts in training—and it’s been pretty impressive. He would love to find a home where he can continue with that training and impress his new owners! Sure, Eugene has some things to work on, including his drive to chase cats and his less-than-stellar behavior around other dogs. So his best fit will be with an experienced owner in an active, pet-free home with kids 15+. If you’re ready to laugh, come meet this party animal.

John & Ray’s 12 Strays of Christmas from PAWS Chicago

John Howell, Ray Stevens and Jen DeSalvo of the WLS-AM 890 morning show visited PAWS Chicago this holiday season to bring you info for adoptable pets.


If you love the quirky, feisty traits that define Chihuahuas and dachshunds, then Hot Dog is your guy. His spunky personality is written all over his adorable mug!

Hot Dog was adopted but unfortunately came back to us because he wasn’t a good fit with a new child in the home. These things happen. But he’s more than ready to find a new fit in a quiet and calm, adults-only home with an experienced owner who can help him work through his fear of strangers.

Ready for a BFF (best furry friend) that’ll keep you on your toes and in stitches?

Here are Hot Dog\’s \”Likes\” and \”Dislikes\” on his PAWS Chicago page!

Jen, Ray & John talk about Hot Dog on Monday, Dec. 12:





Sno ball is just a baby. At three months old, this little labrador retriever is looking for a family with lots of energy to help her grow into a socialized and happy adult!

As a puppy, Sno Ball will want to play quite frequently, so be ready to get ample exercise!

Sno Ball would love to meet you! Stop by the Pippen Fasseas Adoption Center at 1997 N. Clybourn Ave., in Chicago\’s Lincoln Park neighborhood, today.



Kesef is an adorable kitty who is looking for a forever family!

Playful and energetic, Kesef is an active cat who gets easily overstimulated, and will need an adults-only ‘purrrrmanent’ home. He lived with another kitty during his recent stay in a foster home, and while the two got along well, Kesef sometimes lacks the social skills to realize that other cats don’t always like to play as much as he does! We think he would do well with another kitty who is laid-back and willing to tolerate his playful antics.

He used his cardboard scratching post in his foster home, and also has excellent litter box habits! If you’re looking for a fun addition to your home, look no further— Kesef is sure to bring lots of energy and excitement everywhere he goes!

Learn more about Kesef at his PAWS Chicago page!



Here’s the thing about Poochie: She’s diamond in the ruff! Sure, it may take her a minute to get comfortable in new environments. But once she does, her friendly and outgoing personality shines bright.

Poochie is incredibly affectionate—perfect companion material. She spends her days chewing on toys, running and playing, and indulging in afternoon naps. Right now, she’s not a fan of loud noises, and she doesn’t find the great outdoors to be so great. But an experienced, patient owner in a quiet and calm, adult-only home can help her through those things.

See Poochie\’s PAWS Chicago page here.



Christopher is an adorable kitty looking for a home with experienced cat owners. Energetic and playful, Christopher loves playtime and would do very well on a schedule involving daily structured play sessions in his ‘furever’ home! He recently spent a month in a foster home where he loved to snuggle with his foster dad at night and play during the day. Christopher has a bit of a mischievous streak, however, and enjoys playing with toilet paper rolls and knocking items off counters—so make sure to keep your prized collection of glass figurines out of his reach!

Christopher will need an adults-only home as he can get overstimulated and nip for attention. Since he is so active, he will do best in a house where he will have lots of room to run around rather than an apartment or condo.

There\’s more to learn about Christopher, so visit his PAWS Chicago Page!



This handsome boy weighs 28 pounds and came to PAWS under very sad circumstances. Confiscated by Animal Control from his previous home due to neglect, Marcus arrived with an injured tail, an ear infection, and callouses on his elbows from lying on the ground without any bedding. PAWS provided medical care right away and Marcus was placed into a foster home for some much needed TLC.

There\’s so much more to Marcus, so check out his PAWS Chicago page to learn about him!



Parsley is a people person! She absolutely LOVES to be near her humans and will follow you from room to room. Her fosters reported that she enjoys belly rubs, lounging near you, and cuddles of any kind. She is also a very playful dog and likes trips to the lakefront, rolling in the grass, showing off her amazing obedience skills, and chasing tennis balls.

Here\’s Parsley\’s PAWS Chicago page with more information and pictures!



Hawking is a 2-year-old tuxedo cat who came to PAWS during the worst snowstorm of last winter. This poor guy had lost most of his ears and tail to frostbite, and was severely underweight at just 5 pounds. Thankfully, he was rescued just in time and spent a couple weeks healing and gaining weight at the PAWS medical center. During that time, Hawking made a miraculous recovery and is now ready to find a family to love!

Hawking recently spent some time in a foster home where he loved to sleep in bed with his foster parents and always wanted to be the center of attention. His foster described him as “the best cat he’s ever had” and said that “every day with Hawking is special.”

There\’s more to Hawking, so take a look at his PAWS Chicago page!



More than anything, Hero craves to connect with and please his humans. As you can imagine, he’s now anxious to find a new home, where he can resume his heroic efforts at heart-bursting love.

Hero is house trained and behaves like a perfect gentleman at home. He loves toys of the Kong, chew, and rope varieties, as well as tennis balls. Turnoffs include strangers, being left alone for extended periods of time, and loud noises. We’re working with him to help with the fearfulness and to grow his confidence.

There\’s more to Hero, and you can learn about him on his PAWS Chicago page!

shelley 2


Shelley is a sweet and social cat who loves just about everyone she comes in contact with, feline and human. Shelley originally came to PAWS in back in February with her two babies and while the kittens both found homes long ago, Shelley is still on the hunt for her forever family. Energetic and playful, Shelly loves interactive games such as mouse-on-a-string and may be a good candidate for clicker training!

Shelley can get overstimulated from too much petting but will show clear signals to show when she needs a break. Because of this she will be best suited for an adults only home.

Catch all of Shelley\’s \”likes\” and \”dislikes\” on her PAWS Chicago page!



Zeus is just a baby! At eight months old, there is so much that he has to learn, and is looking for a devoted family to show him!

He\’s a sleek Shepard mix who is still growing!
Zeus has a PAWS Chicago page!



Eugene’s middle name is “life of the party.” It’s just in his hilarious nature. No smile is left uncracked with him around. He’s a very active dog who particularly enjoys playing ball and going on runs. He also likes showing off his smarts in training—and it’s been pretty impressive.

Sure, Eugene has some things to work on, including his drive to chase cats and his less-than-stellar behavior around small dogs. (He is good with larger dogs, and did we mention that he’s hilarious?) So his best fit will be with an experienced owner in an active, cat-free home with kids 15+.

Check out Eugene\’s personal page at the PAWS Chicago website!

Home_For_Holiday_social 01

White Sox Set Guinness World Records Title at “Bark at the Park”

Jen DeSalvo, WLS-AM 890

(CHICAGO) The Chicago White Sox successfully achieved the Guinness Book record for the most dogs attending a sporting event at Tuesday’s 7:10 p.m. game against the Cleveland Indians. The annual Bark at the Park event, presented by AvoDerm Natural Pet Foods, Nylabone and PetSmart, hosted 1,122 dogs to win the title.

According to the Chicago White Sox, the event was reviewed by GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ Adjudicator Michael Empric, and all of the dogs needed to be in certain designated areas in order to be counted in the final record-setting total.

“We received a tremendous turnout for our four-legged friends tonight,” said Brooks Boyer, White Sox senior vice president of sales and marketing.  “We are thrilled that the White Sox dog-friendly event has become a storied piece of our tradition, especially as we add a milestone with tonight’s ‘most dogs attending a sporting event’ title through GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™.”

The White Sox was the first major-league organization to create a dog-friendly day at the ballpark in 1996. Bark at the Park at U.S. Cellular Field designated the Outfield Reserved area as the “Dog Zone,” inviting White Sox fans and their dogs to enjoy the game where fans and their pups can relax in the outfield concourse with water stations and fire hydrant “relief” station areas.

Fans followed the Bark at the Park activities throughout the night on White Sox social media with the hashtag #SoxDogs.

Tonight is “Bark at the Park” at U.S. Cellular Field for the White Sox vs. Indians game

Jen DeSalvo, WLS-AM 890

The Chicago White Sox are going for a Guinness Book record at tonight’s 7:10 p.m. game against the Cleveland Indians.

This time it’s not about RBIs, strikeouts or home runs. It’s all gone to the dogs!

Tonight, the Chicago White Sox is packing U.S. Cellular Field with dogs in it’s annual Bark at the Park event in attempts to achieve the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for Most dogs attending a sporting event.

There are specific instructions that fans are requested to follow, which are dire to the achievement of the record.

Below are the instructions for fans of two and four legs.


  1. Gates to the ballpark will open at 5:40 p.m. Fans that registered early enough for the Pregame Parade have received their Parade Passes and should arrive at Gate 1 by 6 p.m. to ensure your spot. The parade will begin sometime before 6:30 p.m.
  2. Fans without a Parade Pass should arrive at Gate 1 by 6:30 p.m. to ensure you and your dog make it through security before first pitch scheduled for 7:10 p.m.
  3. Please ensure your dog’s ticket is scanned as you enter the ballpark at Gate 1, so your dog counts towards our Guinness World Record attempt.
  4. In order to achieve this record, all dogs must be in their seats for a designated ten minutes, so please be in the Outfield seating bowl no later than the end of the 2nd inning as the ten minute clock will start at the top of the 3rd inning. Any dogs that leave the seating bowl or are in the concourse during this designated ten minutes will count AGAINST our efforts to achieve this record.
  5. A countdown clock will be featured on the right field videoboard.
  6. During the ten minute countdown, we will be taking a “group photo.” If we are able to achieve the record, we will send you a digital copy of this photo commemorating your part in this historic event!

Source: Bark at the Park | Chicago White Sox


Photo from the White Sox Promotional Website
Photo from the White Sox Promotional Website

Happy National Dog Day

National Dog Day

Learn more about National Dog Day here!

National Dog Day celebrates all breeds, pure and mixed and serves to help galvanize the public to recognize the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year, either from public shelters, rescues and pure breed rescues.

National Dog Day honors family dogs and dogs that work selflessly to save lives, keep us safe and bring comfort. Dogs put their lives on the line every day – for their law enforcement partner, for their blind companion, for the disabled, for our freedom and safety by detecting bombs and drugs and pulling victims of tragedy from wreckage.




Source: National Dog Day

Sox Going For Record Dogs at Ballpark ​

By Nick Gale, WLS-AM 890
(CHICAGO) The Chicago White Sox are going to try and set a Guinness World Record and they need their fan’s help.
The White Sox are inviting fans and their dogs to the ballpark September 13 to try and set the Guinness World Record title for most dogs attending a sporting event. The Sox take on Cleveland that night with a 7:10 first pitch.
Reviewed by a Guinness officials, the title requires a minimum of 1,000 dogs to be present in the ballpark for the game. Additional instructions for fans who purchase Bark at the Park tickets will be shared prior to the game via email.
Tickets for Bark at the Park are available for $20, which include one human ticket and one dog ticket. Advance purchase of Bark at the Park tickets is required by Tuesday, September 6. Fans interested in purchasing tickets for Bark at the Park should e-mail [email protected].
The White Sox were the first major-league organization to create a dog-friendly day at the ballpark in 1996.

County commissioner proposes animal abuse registry ordinance

(CHICAGO) A Cook County commissioner proposed an animal abuse registry ordinance last week, aiming to prohibit convicted animal abusers from buying or adopting animals for 15 years or more after their conviction.

Cook County Commissioner John Fritchey announced the proposed Cook County Animal Abuser Registry ordinance April 15, according to a statement from Fritchey’s office.

The ordinance would create a database similar to a sex offender registry and require anyone convicted of any form of animal cruelty — such as dog fighting, animal torture and aggravated cruelty — to register their names and addresses into said database, Fritchey’s office said. Failure to register would result in a fine of up to $2,000.

The ordinance would require pet shops, shelters and rescues to check the registry before selling or adopting out an animal to someone, according to the statement. It would also prohibit people from purchasing or adopting an animal on behalf of someone on the registry and from purchasing or adopting an animal who would share the same address with someone on the registry.

The law, if passed, would cover Chicago and all Cook County municipalities, Fritchey’s office said, adding that Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart supports the ordinance and the registry would be hosted on the sheriff’s website.

“I hope everybody can agree that if a person was criminally convicted of animal abuse, it makes no sense to allow them to buy or adopt another potential victim,” Commissioner Fritchey said in the statement. “By requiring a registry check that will literally only take one or two minutes, we further protect animal welfare and we prevent well-meaning stores, rescues and shelters from unknowingly providing animals to known abusers.”

Woman charged after officials remove 35 dogs from Glencoe home

(GLENCOE) A woman is facing six misdemeanor charges after public safety officers removed 35 dogs from her north suburban home last week.

Jeanne Harper, of the 800 block of Greenwood Avenue in Glencoe, was charged with three counts related to her duties as the dogs’ owner. Three additional counts are for her “cruel treatment to companion animals,” the Glencoe Department of Public Safety said in a statement.

On May 13, officers responding to a well-being check at Harper’s home found 35 dogs, an excess of the maximum allowed under city laws, the department said. The conditions in the home prompted officers to work with the town’s health inspector, building and zoning officials and animal control staff from north suburban Northbrook.

Harper, whose age wasn’t released, voluntarily gave up ownership of the dogs to an adoption center, the department said.

The dogs were placed at two local veterinary clinics for examination and evaluation. “Some” were still being treated on Monday, the department said.